31 Oct 2014

Social Justice is the idea that all members of society deserve an equal footing in terms of opportunities, political rights, and distribution of wealth and privilege so that they can lead fulfilling lives and realize their potential in the community.

Social justice issues are divided into two groups which often overlap: The inter-social treatment issues, such as sexism, racism, ageism, and homophobia, etc.; and unequal government policies, such as environmental or tax policies that disadvantage the poor, legal segregation (racism), death penalty, unequal access to education. Social Justice institutions work to provide and expand education, healthcare, public services, and labour rights, and strive to ensure equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity through progressive taxation and market regulation. An example of a social justice organization is Southern Poverty Law Centre, that works to combat bigotry and racism and defend the most vulnerable members of our society through education, litigation, and other measures.

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