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Term: Mobile First Strategy

1 Apr 2015

Mobile first strategy is trend in website development where designing a website for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices takes priority over desktop web design. With a mobile first
strategy, a web designer will build a site given the constraints of a mobile platform (small screen, slower processors) and then either copy or improve the site for desktop use.

In a mobile first strategy, a company’s web presence is designed for mobile devices first and desktop second. The desktop website design is made as simple as possible. It can then be upgraded with additional features that are only accessible to desktop users. This is in contrast to a desktop first strategy in which a website is built to the company’s satisfaction and then has its non-compatible elements stripped to create a mobile site.

Mobile first strategy also takes advantage of technology that is specific to mobile users (GPS, data-collecting, built-in cameras), to create features that are unavailable to desktop users. Mobile first strategy also focuses on giving mobile users what they want – fast loading webpages which take up little screen space and are low bandwidth.

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