19 Aug 2015

DEFINITION of ‘Apple iTunes’
Apple (AAPL) iTunes is software primarily used to play and store media like music and videos; to manage mobile devices; and act as an on-line broadcast radio. The software also acts as a way to access the iTunes store where users can buy media and apps, download podcasts and rent movies. Apple iTunes was introduced in January 2001 and is the only official way to organize media for iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Apple iTunes is fundamentally media management software. Users can play media, convert media files to and from different types, rip and burn CDs, organize media, create playlists, and display pictures. iCloud enables users to sync their files to other devices (including other computers), provided that all the devices are signed in using the same Apple ID.

Criticisms of Apple iTunes include that the software takes up too much memory and that it can run slowly if the user has a large media collection. In addition, there are complaints about the software not being smart enough to detect when new music has been added to a music folder or when the original file has been moved (both situations require manual intervention from the user).

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