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Changes to our updates in Facebook’s news feed

21 Jan 2018

You may have heard that Facebook is changing what you see in your News Feed, putting a greater focus on posts from family and friends and content with lots of interaction. Which, I am sure, will lead to a better user experience for most of us.

However, if you follow us on Facebook, this might mean you’ll see less of us in your feed, so I wanted to make sure you know about other ways to keep up with us. Here are a few things you can do if you enjoy our updates:

*Newsletters:* Sign up for one of our free email newsletters – // – you choose which emails you wish to receive and how often. Daily Breaking Business News gives you a snapshot of news from around the world from multiple sources at the beginning of each day. Daily Business Select gives you a hand selected set of articles, quotes and business terms – bite size and things we think our followers find interesting (interact and tell us what you think!) Fast Facts are examples of analyses from our work. Global Advisors’ updates tell you about what’s happening in our world right now. You control your subscriptions at any time.

*Twitter:* follow us at – you’ll get tweets for the updates you have been used to getting on Facebook.

*Linkedin:* follow us at – you’ll get the updates you have been used to getting on Facebook.

*Choose to “see us first” in your Facebook News Feed:* Facebook lets you choose a few pages or friends to prioritize in your News Feed. If you’d like Global Advisors to be one of them, follow these steps in a browser: Go to our main Facebook page – – look below the cover image, click on the “Following” drop-down menu (it may also be called “Follow”), and choose “See First.”

And, of course, drop by our website – //

We will continue to experiment with new ways to have conversations with you about the rapidly changing world of business. Got an idea for what you want to see from us on Facebook or need help? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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