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One Britain One Nation Day is the perfect vehicle for the government’s values campaign

What started out as a community project with local schoolchildren has garnered an official endorsement and countless memes. It has also sparked a national conversation

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Research that shines light on how cells recover from threats may lead to new insights into Alzheimer’s and ALS

Insight on how a unique protein plays a role in cellular stress responses may provide more clues on how to treat diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s.

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Tour de France: How many calories will the winner burn?

Riders in the 2021 Tour de France will ride more than 2,100 miles (3,400 km) over the 21 flat and mountainous stages of the race. And they will burn an incredible amount of energy while doing so.

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COVID vaccine weekly: G7 donations unlikely to bring pandemic to an end by 2022

World leaders have called for an end to the pandemic – but the numbers don’t add up.

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HMS Defender incident: what the law of the sea says

Nothing suggests that HMS Defender’s passage was anything but continuous and expeditious. But the UK should avoid relying on Ukrainian "permission" as a justification.

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Why is there so little water left on Mars?

New results show why and how water is disappearing from Mars atmosphere.

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Global warming below 1.7°C is ‘not plausible’, reveals our study of the social drivers of decarbonisation

Our team of 40 researchers combined natural and social sciences to assess the plausible limits of future climate change.

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Euro 2020: penalty shootouts can be won or lost on a coin toss

New research shows that winners get to choose.

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Belgium has mandated carbon dioxide monitors in certain venues to help fight COVID – but how useful are they?

Carbon dioxide levels can be a proxy for the amount of airborne coronavirus in a room, but plenty of things can mess with the measurements.

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Requests for caesarean birth brushed aside, despite guidelines to respect maternal choices

Many pregnant women who request planned caesarean deliveries are simply told no, despite guidelines advising doctors who disagree to offer referral or transfer care.

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An intellectual love letter to Bhekizizwe Peterson, a South African literary giant

For Peterson theoretical reflection went hand-in-hand with practice; knowledge had to be made in and outside the academy.

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Nigeria’s decision to ban Twitter has no legal basis. Here’s why

The Nigerian government has no legal capacity to unilaterally regulate or police borderless social media platforms.

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Punitive laws are failing to curb misinformation in Africa. Time for a rethink

The majority of those punished under the laws to combat false information are opposition politicians or journalists.

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Nous avons demandé à des migrants sénégalais pourquoi ils quittent leur pays. Voici leurs réponses

Un élément crucial qui favorise la migration est le fait d’avoir des liens personnels avec des migrants contemporains.

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Gas boiler ban: how to make sure everyone can afford low-carbon heating

What if you could pay to heat your home the same way you pay to stream music? You can with heat-as-a-service.

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North Korea food shortage: Kim Jong-un’s COVID-19 policy could lead to mass starvation

Kim Jong-un’s border closures appear to have blocked the spread of COVID-19 in North Korea, but they have also caused a food crisis threatening the survival of his people.

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Pooling society’s collective intelligence helped fight COVID – we can no longer ignore ‘the wisdom of crowds’

The WHO is creating a Global Pandemic Radar – an example of collective intelligence that must learn lessons from this pandemic.

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Schools must act carefully on students’ off-campus speech, Supreme Court rules

The Mahanoy v. B.L. ruling did not give schools or free-speech advocates the clear lines they may have wanted, but it did attempt to address some of the complexity of modern-day speech.

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Grattan on Friday: Blowin’ in the wind with Barnaby

Morrison and Joyce have negotiated the terms of their partnership. In the open, the restored leader let the Nationals run riot, in a way we haven’t seen for a long time, writes Michelle Grattan

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Europe is running out of superconductors – here’s what it can learn from great tech survivor Osram

The global semiconductor shortage is causing problems for Europe because it has mostly abandoned manufacturing them.

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