6 Oct 2015

DEFINITION of ‘Content Farm’
Content farms, also called “content mills” are websites which publish a large amount of low-quality articles in order to take advantage of search engine algorithms and appear high on the results of a search query. Content farms contain many advertisements and exist solely to attract as many page views as possible so that ad space can be rented out at a higher rate.

Content farming has been likened to the “fast food” of the internet and is often referred to as social spam.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Content Farm’
Content farms hire low-paid workers who copy/paste or steal work or copyrighted material from other sites. Examples of content farms include Demand Media, lyric websites or other sites which offer click-bait titles and little content.

Google’s Panda Update in 2011 changed the algorithm which content farms took advantage of and has lowered the effectiveness of the content farms’ SEO strategies.

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