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Perhaps you can’t think of anyone who might make a great Global Advisors consultant. But why not share news of our promotion with your friends? They will be awarded the latest Apple™ iPad™ if they refer someone to us who joins Global Advisors as an employee.

Win the latest Apple™ iPad™ by successfully referring a candidate to Global Advisors!

Do your friends know someone who is perfectly suited to a career with us? We're looking for top achievers with a record of excellence - demonstrated by results.

We're looking for professionals who focus on what is relevant. The people we hire can show that they work well in teams, are trusted by their peers, have a strong sense of humility and a good sense of humour.

They are committed to growth - others' and their own.

The nature of our work means we have an open stance when it comes to what faculties, degrees and majors we consider in eligible candidates although at a minimum we require an undergraduate degree and prefer an honours- or masters-level degree.

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Invite your friends to refer potential employees to Global Advisors and potentially win an iPad™

To send an email to your friends notifying them of this promotion, merely type their emails into the input box alongside, separating each email address with a space (only a space will work - do not use commas, semi-colons, returns, etc). Your details will be included in the email.

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Terms and conditions

For your friends to successfully refer a candidate and win the latest Apple™ iPad™:

  1. Your friends must provide their email and cell phone details. Successful referral will be measured by candidates application using one of either the cell phone number or email address that they have entered.
  2. Your friends must provide a short motivation as to why they think their referred candidate will be successful at Global Advisors.
  3. Your friends name, contact details and motivation will be included in the referral invitation sent to the candidate.
  4. Due to the confidential nature of applications, no correspondence will be entered into other than notification if the referred candidate accepts and begins employment with Global Advisors.
  5. If the candidate has already been referred by another person, only the first person referring the candidate will be eligible for award.
  6. If the candidate has already applied to Global Advisors they will be ineligible for referral. Due to the confidential nature of the application process, your friends will be informed that someone else has already referred them.
  7. The candidate must accept the invitation by following its advice and filling in the application on the Global Advisors website or our Facebook page..
  8. The candidates must be available for interviews in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  9. The candidate must be offered a job with Global Advisors, accept the position and begin employment.
  10. We must be able to successfully contact your friends to establish delivery address details if their referred candidate is successful.
  11. If your friends are successful in referring a candidate who is subsequently employed by us, Global Advisors will courier them the latest Apple™ iPad™.
  12. If your friends are successful, they will be awarded the latest Apple™ iPad™ 10.2’ 32GB Tablet With WiFi & Cellular subject to availability. Should this model not be available, their award may be delayed or a replacement model will be determined at Global Advisors sole discretion.
  13. Candidates who are invited for interviews must be able to travel to Johannesburg at their own cost for first round interviews.
  14. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.
  15. By telling your friends about this promotion you will not be eligible for any award for candidates they refer. But we really appreciate your love!
  16. The above terms and conditions will be jointly and severally binding.
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