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How vaccines are pushing the UK towards the end of lockdown

Research has shown that vaccines have reduced infections, disease and hospitalisations – but will they continue to do so in the face of new variants?

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The history of sneakers: from commodity to cultural icon

As sneakers have gone from sportswear to fashion item, the market for the shoe has exploded.

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COVID vaccines: some fully vaccinated people will still get infected – here’s why

Reports of fully vaccinated people getting infected with coronavirus shouldn’t cause alarm.

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Life in the deep freeze – the revolution that changed our view of glaciers forever

Glaciers aren’t sterile wastelands – they’re chock-full of microscopic life.

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What is drink spiking? How can you know if it’s happened to you, and how can it be prevented?

Preventing drink spiking is a collective responsibility, not something to be shouldered by potential victims.

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Tesla’s Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change

Tesla’s stance has also shone the spotlight further onto the carbon footprint of cryptocurrency – an issue that will not go away soon.

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Downloading our thoughts to the mainframe may be the stuff of science fiction — but humans have been imagining it for centuries

Leaving our earthly bodies and living forever as a machine isn’t just a thing of modern science fiction. These transhumanist ideas date back to the 18th century.

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Little change in post-budget Newspoll; Liberals win Tasmanian majority

Governments rarely experience a big bounce after budgets – and this year’s seems to be no exception.

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Despite a veneer of democracy, Samoa is sliding into autocracy

With a recent election declared void and another snap election called, the Pacific nation seems to be spiralling away from democracy once again.

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The Treasurer says his ‘patent box’ will boost innovation. The evidence says it won’t

Lowering the tax rates on profits from patents registered in Australia is unlikely to increase local research and development. But it will be a gift for multinationals.

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Proposed base for Elon Musk’s SpaceX project threatens lands and livelihoods in Biak, Papua

Biak inhabitants fear a new space project of Elon Musk, if it goes ahead, will damage their environment, cultures and livelihoods, and potentially displace local communities.

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Social plants: in the wild, staghorn ferns grow in colonies to improve water storage for all members

A colony-building fern that grows in treetops on Lord Howe Island has adopted a lifestyle similar to social insects, turning our understanding of the evolution of biological complexity on its head.

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Many questions, few answers, as conflict deepens between Israelis and Palestinians

Where it goes from here will depend how much violence Israel is willing to inflict on Hamas, and Hamas’s continued tolerance of Israeli air strikes and artillery fire.

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Australia risks becoming a hermit nation. Here’s a five-step road-map to reopen our borders safely

We can’t retreat to the comforts of ‘Fortress Australia’ if we want to remain a country that is engaged with the world.

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I’m over 50 and can now get my COVID vaccine. Can I talk to the GP first? Do I need a painkiller? What else do I need to know?

Australians over 50 can get their AstraZeneca vaccine from a GP clinic from today. Here’s what you need to know when you book yourself in.

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Remember, Apple AirTags and ‘Find My’ app only work because of a vast, largely covert tracking network

AirTags promise to help find your lost wallet or bag. But at worst, they could be used for stalking, and at best they involve signing up to a global tracking network most users aren’t truly aware of.

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A Victorian logging company just won a controversial court appeal. Here’s what it means for forest wildlife

Timber company VicForests won its appeal last week and logging is set to resume. Let’s take a look at the dramatic implications for wildlife and the law.

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Rise of transport megaprojects adds to Australian taxpayers’ risk of paying too much

Three big firms win almost all the $1 billion-plus contracts. And they often team up in joint ventures, further reducing the competition that would keep the price tags of road and rail projects down.

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From Mickey to Moana — Disney treasures at ACMI tell the story of animation’s evolution over almost a century

ACMI’s first feature exhibition since its redevelopment shows fans the complex artistry behind their childhood favourites.

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