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Why using reconciliation to pass Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus bill violates the original purpose of the process

In 1974, Congress invented the reconciliation process to reduce deficits. More recently, reconciliation has been used in ways that increase the deficit. A public policy scholar explains the process.

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Closing schools: how to make a rational decision?

According to a study conducted in collaboration with the Nobel laureate in economics, Lars Peter Hansen, decision theory is an effective tool for finding the best trade-offs.

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Iran’s leaders signal interest in new nuclear deal, but U.S. must act soon

Joe Biden has said he wants to return the United States to the Joint Collective Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal.
But the window of opportunity may be closing.

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Chatbots that resurrect the dead: legal experts weigh in on ‘disturbing’ technology

Our newfound ability to reincarnate the dead as chatbots presents several legal and ethical dilemmas.

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Nuclear fusion: building a star on Earth is hard, which is why we need better materials

Building a mini star on Earth, and holding it together inside a reactor, is not an easy task.

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How COVID-19 has changed the way we give birth

There will be lessons we can learn for the future of childbearing once the pandemic is over.

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Inside the Ocean 100 – small group of wealthy sea-based companies worth as much as Mexico

As few as 100 companies produced 60% of revenues in eight ocean industries in 2018.

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Why Tunisians are still out on the streets — a decade after the ‘Dignity Revolution’

Since the revolution, Tunisians’ call for "bread, freedom and social justice" have fallen on deaf ears.

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Why fines and jail time won’t change the behaviour of Ghana’s minibus drivers

A range of factors influence the behaviour of minibus drivers in Ghana. This involves a complex web of factors, motivations and constraints.

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Small things can save lives: coping with COVID-19 in resource-scarce hospitals

Where there are not enough health workers to deliver medical care, one solution is to move certain tasks to less specialised health workers, a process called task-shifting.

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Traditional healers in South Africa are exposed to infection, but few can get protective gear

An average healer in the rural South African town where the study was done experiences about 1,500 occupational blood exposures in their lifetime.

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Why breastfed babies have improved immune development – new findings

Until now, researchers haven’t quite known why the immune systems of breastfed babies are better equipped.

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How watching TV in lockdown can be good for you – according to science

TV programmes with certain themes can help boost our mood.

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Four COVID-related skin complaints everyone should look out for

Rashes and lesions are a potentially useful way of spotting COVID-19 patients who are otherwise asymptomatic.

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As death approaches, our dreams offer comfort, reconciliation

A hospice doctor spent 10 years studying the end-of-life experiences of over 1,400 terminally ill patients.

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Colleges confront their links to slavery and wrestle with how to atone for past sins

Are reparations for slavery enough for colleges to make amends? A scholar argues that access and student loan debt must also be addressed.

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6 COVID-19 treatments helping patients survive

A year after it became clear that COVID-19 was becoming a pandemic, there is still no cure, but doctors have several innovative treatments. Some are keeping patients out of the hospital entirely.

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What’s really driving coal power’s demise?

Contrary to popular belief, falling natural gas prices didn’t accelerate coal power plant retirements. Here’s what did.

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What the mythical figure of ?ahmeran in Turkey represents and why activists use it

Student protesters in Turkey recently used this mythical figure to express their queer identity. An art historian explains the significance.

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What the Bible’s approach to history can teach us about America’s glory and shame

The New York Times’ 1619 project and Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission had very different interpretations of US history. Similarly, the Bible has more than one narrative

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