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Curious Kids: If the Earth is spinning all the time, why don’t things move around?

The Earth spins around its axis every day – but gravity keeps us firmly in place.

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Coronavirus has changed how we support people with failing lungs – a doctor explains why

But the research to support advances in clinical practice is still catching up.

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Clubbing at home: how live streaming made DJ sets more inclusive

DJs had to adopt live streaming during the pandemic. This new way of reaching audiences has created a whole new djing experience that is more accessible to a wider range of people.

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Gaining weight can be difficult – but here are the safest ways to do it

The only way to gain weight is to eat more calories than your body requires.

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A State Prosecutor Was Fired for Speaking Out Against Jail Time for People Who Fall Behind on Rent

by Maya Miller and Ellis Simani

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that inv…

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Liberty cap: the surprising tale of how Europe’s magic mushroom got its name

How on earth did an obscure Roman social practice end up lending its name to a modern psychedelic?

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‘Narwhal tusk hero’ still backs rehabilitation, a year on from London Bridge attacks

Darryn Frost continues to suffer from PTSD but insists we don’t forget why people were gathered near London Bridge on November 29.

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Recently self-employed? Six tips from experts on how to protect your wellbeing

Being self-employed can bring a whole heap of benefits – but if you’ve been forced into it during the pandemic, it can be scary.

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How theatre can help young Nigerians who are living with HIV

As it toured schools, the play Talk to Me, about two friends and HIV, was able to create brave and safe spaces for conversation about a challenging subject.

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Managing HIV and diabetes together: South African patients tell their stories

Care for patients with more than one disease is fragmented and uncoordinated. This is can cost patients time, effort and lost wages.

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Mass shootings in America have risen sharply in 2020 against a background of COVID and election chaos

It’s been a terrible year for gun violence in America.

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Quote: Eric Hoffer

Quote: Eric Hoffer

“You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.” – Eric Hoffer

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Growing dependence on China is dangerous for Indonesia – what can be done?

The increasing dependence of Indonesia on China has negative economic and political repercussions.

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Coon’s rebranding dilemma: polishing a brand name to stay out of controversy

Nestle’s experience explains why the Coon deliberations are taking so long.

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Planning a road trip in a pandemic? 11 tips for before you leave, on the road and when you arrive

Following these simple steps can help to keep your holiday memorable in the best possible way.

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Biden’s cabinet picks are globally respected, but one obstacle remains for the US to ‘lead the world’ again

President-elect Joe Biden’s cabinet picks show a preference for ability and a desire to reengage with the world.

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Water crisis in First Nations communities runs deeper than long-term drinking water advisories

The federal government’s focus on eliminating long-term drinking-water advisories diverts attention from other water-related issues.

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Victoria may have eliminated COVID-19, but eradication is a distant dream

Victoria has achieved a remarkable thing. But the virus has not been eradicated. The question then becomes, how well can the state deal with new outbreaks?

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Climate change is making autumn leaves change colour earlier – here’s why

Warmer temperatures cannot increase the amount of carbon deciduous trees absorb in each growing season, a new study suggests.

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