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 We’re looking for experienced consultants and graduates.

Experienced consulting hires

Global Advisors is currently hiring consultants from top-tier strategy consulting firms with 1 to 3 years of experience. Given our specialisation in quantitative strategy, we are also interested in employees with experience at economics and risk consultancies. Should you join us from another firm, you will need to motivate why you seek a clearly-differentiated experience offered by Global Advisors.

Depending on your level of experience, you may be hired into the Analyst or Consultant level and you will be expected to gain a running start given your familiarity with the consulting environment, working in consulting teams and exposure to consulting clients and projects.

Please indicate your experience in your application to Global Advisors.

Analyst positions in Johannesburg

We recruit graduates year-round to join Global Advisors in the Analyst role.

Analysts at Global Advisors are responsible for supporting project teams and partners with research and insightful analysis. As an analyst you may be required to build a detailed background case study of an industry, client and their competitors. Alternatively you may be required to research a particular problem a client is facing and potential solutions. You will be required to build spreadsheet models illustrating the economic impact of potential courses of action and a recommendation based on your findings.

You will work under guidance and direction. Outputs will be outlined and structured prior to research and analysis.

Analysts work largely out of our offices. As they gain experience and training, client exposure increases.

Who we hire, pace and style of work

Global Advisors’ hires have a record of exceptional performance. They have consistently achieved in their university class over their undergraduate and postgraduate career. Please consider who we hire and our values.

Work is always performed with strict deadlines and the pace of work is characteristic of the high pressure of strategy consulting. Please consider the typical work and potential travel schedule before applying for a position.

Please apply using our online application form. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we do not accept emailed, delivered or faxed applications or forms. You can apply here.

Your qualifications

The nature of our work means we have an open stance when it comes to what faculties, degrees and majors we consider in eligible candidates although at a minimum we require an undergraduate degree and prefer an Honours- or Masters-level degree. However, we generally target hires with majors and strong experience / results in finance, economics, engineering, mathematics and statistics.

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