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You can’t fix the economy if you can’t see it: how the ABS became our secret weapon

This government has known more about the granular detail of the crisis than any government in any crisis before it.

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COVID-19 and mental health: Feeling anguish is normal and is not a disorder

Some therapists are calling for a new way to understand human distress.

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Mass COVID-19 immunization: Ensuring equitable access to vaccination

One important metric by which we can measure the success of our public health system: Ensuring everyone has access to immunization in their community.

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New York Gov. Cuomo is the textbook example of how not to apologize

Cuomo used language that people forced to apologize often deploy to avoid taking responsibility and show genuine contrition. An expert on public apologies suggests three don’ts and a do.

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Feds Investigating Lender That Sued Thousands of Lower-Income Latinos During Pandemic

by Kiah Collier and Ren Larson

ProPublica is a nonprofit …

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Meet BreadTube, the YouTube activists trying to beat the far-right at their own game

Leftwing YouTubers are aiming to get their videos in front of viewers who typically watch far-right content, by mimicking their keywords and letting the site’s algorithms will do the rest.

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5 ways to spot if someone is trying to mislead you when it comes to science

In the digital age, and the COVID era, this is more important than ever.

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‘Biodegradable’ plastic will soon be banned in Australia. That’s a big win for the environment

Plastic products that claim to be ‘compostable’ aren’t great either.

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Reduce, re-use, recycle: how the new relaxed Olympic rules make Brisbane’s 2032 bid affordable

The relaxed rules allow Brisbane to bid to host the Olympics at a much lower cost than previous host cities have had to bear. But who really benefits?

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Meet Mark McGowan: the WA leader with a staggering 88% personal approval rating

Ahead of the state election on March 13, WA’s premier is enjoying a huge poll lead. He is so popular, a voter even got a tattoo of McGowan’s face.

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Senior maths and science are super popular with Islamic-school students, but that could limit their career options

A higher proportion of Islamic-school students in years 11 to 12 are enrolled in science and maths than other students in Australia. But they may not all get the careers they want.

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My favourite detective: Martin Hewitt, the cheery yet gritty antidote to Sherlock Holmes

Created in response to Sherlock Holmes, detective Martin Hewitt is less operatic and more pragmatic.

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Banking co-ops run by Black women have a longtime legacy of helping people

Thousands of racialized women around the world run mutual aid co-ops to help each other and develop their communities.

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A Timber Lobbyist Called Our Investigation “Completely Bogus.” We Have the Receipts to Show It’s Not.

by Rob Davis, The Oregonian/OregonLive, and Tony Schick, Oregon Public Broadcasting

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Growing cannabis indoors produces a lot of greenhouse gases – just how much depends on where it’s grown

Growing weed indoors is not an environmentally friendly process. Climate controls create a lot of greenhouse gas emissions, and where the pot is produced has a huge influence on emission levels.

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A year of COVID-19 has illuminated the urgent need for paid sick days

Workers shouldn’t have to choose between working while sick and supporting themselves and their families. Post-pandemic, we must learn from our mistakes and take permanent action on paid sick days.

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Did COVID end Italy’s populist moment?

Much has changed in the year since the nation became the first in Europe to be hit by the pandemic.

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It’s a Sin: how the media fuelled the homophobic response to the HIV crisis

New research highlights how the press excluded, shamed and invaded the privacy of those living with HIV.

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Myanmar coup: how China could help resolve the crisis

Beijing is shaping as an important player in the international effort to resolve the political situation in Myanmar.

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