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Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson

Managing Partner

Global Advisors was founded by Marc Wilson in 2006. Marc has 23 years of blue-chip global strategy consulting experience.

Marc has experience in working at all levels of the organisation and with the highly analytical to hands-on delivery. He is experienced at partnering with clients to formulate strategy and execute against these plans.

Before founding Global Advisors, he was a member of Gemini Consulting’s South African leadership team of three. He was head of Gemini’s South African Financial Services practice and has extensive experience in Life Assurance and Development Finance. He also headed Gemini’s South African Information Management Discipline and eBusiness Unit. Marc consulted with Gemini Consulting for eight years where he received a number of firsts and awards, culminating in his promotion to principal level within six years at the age of 29.

Marc specialises in building robust strategies linked to detailed economic, statistical and scenario analyses; in testing strategy through prototyping and piloting; in execution through to linking to organisation design and performance management. Marc is experienced in change leadership through executive coaching and partnership with senior client leadership through to on-the-ground delivery.

He has worked on projects around the world, from South Africa to the United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Canada and Indonesia.

Marc keeps koi and enjoys golf and running – although he is frustrated at his lack of success with either!

Marc majored in Decision Sciences, Economics, Information Systems and Financial Accounting and has BCom Honours in Economics (Wits) and Information Systems (UCT).

Marc has extensive experience in Financial Services (Investment Banking, Life Insurance, Development Finance, Retail Banking), Electricity, Mining, Media, Retail Goods, Manufacturing and eBusiness.

Donnée MacDougall

Donnée MacDougall

Associate Partner

Donnée MacDougall joined Global Advisors as an Associate Partner in 2013 after leaving her position as Managing Director of AVI’s drinks business, Entyce Beverages. Donnée had served in this position for over six years and prior to this was Category Director for the Tea, Coffee and Creamer category for over six years.

Donnée is an acknowledged expert in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) category and in the marketing and sales disciplines. She has broad market exposure in South Africa and overseas with knowledge of all facets of the business from product design, innovation, through launch, marketing and sales. As an accomplished Managing Director, Donnée has intimate experience of leading and managing a large listed business from market activity, leadership and people management through to reporting, P&L and balance sheet management. The AVI drinks business grew profits from R90m to R240m on a revenue of R2,2bn under Donnée’s leadership.

Prior to returning to industry, Donnée worked at Gemini Consulting for over three years in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. During this time, Donnée worked with retail clients and achieved recognition for fundamentally changing and improving their businesses.

Donnée has completed executive education courses at London Business School including “Achieving Strategic Agility.” Donnée majored in Economics, Business Economics and Industrial Psychology for her BCom at the University of Stellenbosch and has a BCom Honours in Business Economics from the University of South Africa.

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