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The following is the very brief introduction – please download the brochure for an overview of projects, roles and of our firm.

Introduction Brochure

Our very cautious and deliberate growth of the last 15 years has allowed us to enter a new phase as we build more capacity aligned to our differentiated position.

It should be strange to highlight ethics and values as a cornerstone of differentiation. However, we hope that our dedication to building a culture based on our values stands out. Indeed, it is the primary reason why our clients and employees have considered us. We remain committed to grow at a pace that ensures we never compromise. We are fiercely independent.

We were founded in Johannesburg – with global ambitions. We strive to offer our clients and employees the best available experience.

We were early adopters of a quantitative data-science-based approach to underpin our recommendations and approach. Since 2006, our team has built deep expertise in data analytics and quantitative approaches – directly aimed at providing robust strategic recommendations in the face of increasing uncertainty. Our new phase of growth seeks to build on this deep expertise.

Our team has post-graduate quantitative skills that they have applied to strategic opportunities and challenges faced by our clients. They have become skilled at testing our recommendation through working with clients at the coalface – on factory floors, in retail stores, etc. 

We're a boutique firm with some large aspirations. Which brings me to our name – a big name for a small firm! I chose 'Global Advisors' as a stake in the ground. It needed to communicate our aspiration, relevance and be truthful to our delivery capability. I was determined that we set globally relevant benchmarks. We're based in Johannesburg and have delivered work in South Africa, Europe and North America.

We have leveraged a network of international associates. And we believe our work has continued to set a world-class standard.

Marc Wilson

Managing Partner


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