Roles and career progression


Consultants at Global Advisors follow a standardised career path.

Most consultants join at analyst level and progress through successive roles. Promotion is based on rigorous performance reviews against a well-defined competency model, delivery on projects and feedback from clients and peers.


Recent graduates join Global Advisors in the Analyst position. Analysts primarily perform desktop analysis and work under guidance. They are expected to build mastery of analytical skills. They build skills necessary to work on client site and engage with lower level clients. After a period where they have shown success in mastering the analytical competencies and an ability to show insight into client issues and potential solutions, they may be promoted to the Consultant role. This may take up to two years.


Consultants are more involved with client interaction. Initially they will assist in the management of individual deliverables. They work under guidance of more senior colleagues. Their work is performed both on client site and from our offices. After successfully showing an ability to manage client interactions, consultants may be promoted to the senior consultant position. This may take up to two years.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants are accountable for the delivery of project workstreams. This will involve partnering with client team members to deliver. After a period of up to three years, Senior Consultants may be promoted to the Manager position.


Managers are accountable for scoping and managing multiple workstreams on client engagements and interfacing with senior clients and executives. Managers are accountable for preparing final client deliverables and supporting Principals and Partners. After successfully demonstrating their ability to manage multiple components of work on client engagements, managers may be promoted to Principal. This may take up to three years.


Principal consultants are accountable for leading engagements and building thought leadership within Global Advisors and our clients. Principals may be promoted to Partner when they have demonstrated they are regarded as peers by client executives and that they can sustain economic impact at clients and within Global Advisors.


Global Advisors Partners have demonstrated successful careers as consultants and as respected business people in their own right. They are fundamentally accountable for the health of our clients and our practice. They have demonstrated sustainable growth in clients, consultants, the firm and themselves.

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