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Season’s Greetings and Happy 2021

24 Dec 2020

2020 has been unbelievably challenging for most of us. As I have considered the moments of the year and its particular challenges for my family, friends, team and business, I have tried to learn from it and take notice of whatever positive experiences I can. Doing this, the following thoughts have stood out.

Build empathy

As I struggled with some massive family traumas this year, I considered how these and other challenges might feature in any random stranger’s life. So many people cope with so much – whether it is a working single mom coping with a sick child, personal illness, being a victim of a bad relationship or violent circumstance. As we deal with our own day-to-day lives, we seldom imagine that the person who works for us, serves us or is even a friend or family member might be dealing with challenges that are are almost insurmountable to them. Kindness and consideration are so important and can literally mean the world to someone in a moment of need.

Circumstances differ

While some people have lost everything during Covid – from businesses built over lifetimes to family members and loved ones – other people and businesses have benefited from counter cyclical waves. As I have considered some of our clients’ challenges, it has been critical also to consider the opportunities for them and others. While some people have thrived working remotely, others have struggled. It is dangerous and indeed myopic to paint things with broad brushes.

Confront prejudice

So many face the barriers of institutions and systems not designed for them – or that have even been designed to exclude them. We have much to overcome and much prejudice to confront.

Be humble

Covid has birthed many experts and emboldened those with strong opinions. Some uncertainty is opaque. Fully consider possibilities and be prepared for truly unforseeable outcomes. While Covid will pass in time, the path is uncertain.

Be grateful where you can

We should treasure fortunate circumstances. Health, safety, family and friendship count for an enormous amount.

Thank you

Thank you to our friends, family, team and clients for your trust and commitment. I hope that we too can show the same and more to you.

We wish you all the best – in particular, health and rest with those close to you.

Season’s greetings from Marc, Donnée and the Global Advisors team

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