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Work-life balance in a pandemic: a public health issue we cannot ignore

The responsibility should not simply lie with employees who are working even harder.

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How crowdfunding can accelerate Indonesia’s renewable energy development

With Indonesia’s huge internet users, crowdfunding can be used to get funding faster for renewable energy projects.

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VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on Craig Kelly, Linda Reynolds and JobSeeker

Michelle Grattan discusses the political week that was with Professor Paddy Nixon.

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Think big. Why the future of uni campuses lies beyond the CBD

World-leading university campus developments overseas call into question plans for CBD-based campuses in Australia. They might be good for CBD development, but what about the universities themselves?

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Indigenous recognition is more than a Voice to Government – it’s a matter of political equality

Recognition is about sovereignty, or how political authority is distributed. It can be transformative — not merely a symbolic step.

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Why collaboration in the ASEAN region is vital to tackle plastic waste in the oceans

The countries of the ASEAN region have important roles to play in tackling the global problem of marine plastic waste.

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How to encourage cyber-safe behaviour at work without becoming the office grouch

If you’re reluctant to share your password, or broadcast a team password in Slack in a groupchat, your instincts are correct. But mocking those who ‘do the wrong thing’ is unlikely to help.

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COVID’s mental health fallout will last a long time. Here’s how we’re targeting pandemic depression and anxiety

Financial hardships in particular are likely to lead to ongoing mental health problems, even as the pandemic subsides. Our program could help many people whose mental health has suffered during COVID.

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Fake news was a thing long before Donald Trump — just ask the ancient Greeks

Trump might have popularised the idea of fake news, but 26 centuries ago Plato and Thucydides were convinced intellectuals and poets were duping the people and undermining democracy.

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Obituary: Sir Michael Somare, ‘father’ of PNG and colossus of Pacific politics

With his strong belief in sana – consensus – over insurrection, Somare was central to PNG’s independence and a pivotal figure in Pacific politics.

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Misinformation-spewing cable companies come under scrutiny

Cable providers like Comcast carry Fox News and other channels that feed conspiracy theories and lies into Americans’ homes.

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COVID vaccine weekly: Britain’s successful rollout paves the way for the end of lockdown

Two experts explain why the UK’s vaccine programme has been a success, while abroad China, Russia and India use vaccine supplies to increase their soft power.

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After Disney closed one of its major studios, animation is under pressure in pandemic Hollywood

What the closure of Blue Sky studios means for the future of cartoons

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‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing

Iconic ecosystems, from coral reefs to Tasmania’s ancient forests, are collapsing across the continent and into Antarctica. It’s not too late to act — in fact, our lives depend on it.

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Sexual assault: what can you do if you don’t want to make a formal report to police?

In the wake of high-profile allegations of sexual assault, it is important people know there are informal avenues for survivors to report their stories.

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Phantom of the forest: how I rediscovered the rare cloaked bee in Australia, hidden for a century

The last time a specimen was collected was in 1923.

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Odds are against ‘first in family’ uni students but equity policies are blind to them

Children of parents with degrees are 60% more likely than ‘first in family’ students to want to go to university. The aspiration gap exists throughout school, but equity policies neglect its impacts.

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Texas was a warning. Australia needs to rethink the design of its electricity market

During the Texas cold snap prices jumped 30,000%. We can’t allow it to happen here.

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Friday essay: How can the dead send us emails? The ethical dilemma of digital souls

Every day, the internet fills up with more and more dead people while our ability to reanimate them grows. The dead are more robust and more vulnerable — and we’re not ready for any of this.

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